Sick and Tired of Paying Big Money for
Little Changes to Your Own Web Site?

How many times have these things happened to you?

  • You ask to make a small adjustment to your site and your webmaster doesn’t even get back to you
  • Your webmaster makes a minor change to your site and grossly overcharges you
  • You just can’t reach your webmaster at all
  • You’re told that to have a basic, no-frills website created will cost a ridiculous amount of money
  • You find out that changing the overall look to your website (like adding a footer to every page or changing the logo on every page) will cost a fortune.

And when they charge big bucks for a simple change (if you can get hold of them) what crosses your mind every single time is the same thing you think when the plumber lays a giant invoice on your for what looked like very little work: should I really have paid that much? Isn’t there a cheaper way? Well, I can’t help you with the plumber. What I can do is show you how to create a powerful, credible web presence in minutes. Now that’s pretty good, but you should be asking a question right about now.

Add to CartHow Much is it Worth to You if You Can Build a Website in Minutes?

How much would you expect to pay a webmaster to build a complete web presence with

  • Home page
  • Contact Page
  • News section
  • Ability to create new pages yourself without knowing HTML
  • Ability to change any page you want, anytime you want-no webmaster needed!
  • Automatic archiving of news items
  • Blog
  • Event calendar you can update yourself, any time
  • …and some less sexy but even more amazing features we’ll cover in a minute?

Add to CartWould You Pay $995 For All That? Plenty of My Neighbors Did!

Let me give you the latest number I saw: $995. This isn’t a phony number ginned up for the purposes of a sales page. A local business distributed flyers to every house in my neighborhood in May 2009 offering websites with way fewer features than you’ll get with On the Web in an Hour, but they charge $995! That was for the entry-level product. It went up from there!  They sure as heck didn’t offer these critical features, any one of which could save your business if something brought your site down.

  • Automatic backup, with a copy of the backup sent straight to your Inbox while you sleep
  • Ability to recover from disaster anytime
  • Spam control for blog comments
  • World-class website design absolutely free

Add to CartWhen I say less than this, I mean they don’t offer the fully automated disaster preparation and recovery features you’re taught in On the Web in an Hour. Think about this for a second. If your site went down and your webmaster was on vacation and couldn’t be reached, how much would you be willing to pay to revive your site? What if it was right before a product launch or a big announcement or a charity event? Would you pay $100 to be able to open your Inbox and restore the site within a few minutes? $500? $1,000? Let’s lowball it and say it’s worth $100 for you to get emergency help to put your website back together. (And if you find someone that cheap for emergency service, give me that person’s phone number!)


Another local business charges $149 to get your site indexed on Google. That’s not including the website. Yahoo! Charges $195 to get listed in their business directory. Or would you rather be in Google’s directory for the massive price of… nothing? We’ll show you these secret for free. Just subscribe to our free minicourse! Again, though, no website is included in that outrageous fee! What are they smoking?

Try $47, Risk free!

You can get On the Web in an Hour for just $47. That’s only until word spreads, because the $47 price is dangerously low. It’s so low, many businesspeople simply won’t trust that this product delivers. But the EasyOnMe marketing department has a sneaky reason for this absurdly low price. It’s to hook you on the razor, so we can sell you the blades. You see, we have some amazing products in the lab right now. They complement On the Web in an Hour beautifully, and range from video marketing to search engine optimization. They will use the same shortcut-by-shortcut approach that has worked so well for our testers. They won’t be cheap, because they’re very, very good. Still, you may have some reservations.

Add to CartMy name is Tom Campbell. I’ve created a lot of websites by hand, but I knew there had to be a better way. I am currently CEO of a website used to place over $300 million in bids on eBay every year. I was a program manager at Microsoft before that. I like to streamline things, and I hate reinventing the wheel.

And as a guy who’s much more interested in getting lots of traffic to my sites than crafting a design masterpiece, I started investigation the options. Even though I can afford to have someone else build websites for me, it just bugged me that I couldn’t just blast out a full-featured site in an evening. It didn’t sit right with me at all. I also noticed that a lot of my fellow friends in business had stale sites, because their webmasters had just up and gone.

The pressure was really on. I found a lot of programs that let you create websites, but none that made it easy to back up them up, restore them, or get found easily by search engines. Most important, they did nothing to make updating the site later as easy as it should be. So I started a very expensive and time-consuming self-education process. The answer turned out to be a combination of free software (WordPress), some techniques I developed that seem to have eluded most other marketers (or they just aren’t talking about these time-saving secrets), and existing software called plugins that can be used to enhance any WordPress site. My answer is called On the Web in an Hour.

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It’s cool to create a website in mere minutes. But what happens when I need to make a change later?

Turns out that lots of software can generate a website quickly. The real question is what happens when you want to make a change to that site? Because it’s just not cool to be dependent on your webmaster to update the home page, or add a news item, or create a calendar entry. Not cool at all. With On the Web in an Hour, you learn all those things and much more:

  • How to create highly professional, attractive, easy to navigate, robust website designed by some of the best in the world at no cost
  • How to add public event calendar to your site in minutes
  • Ability to post news items (blog entries) and accept comments for each item, with antispam control
  • The ability to add new web pages to your site, or edit existing ones, without ever having to call a webmaster.
  • How to get a robot to send site backups every day to a free email account.
  • Brain-dead simple but powerful techniques to make it as easy as possible for others to find your site on the web (search engine optimization)
  • Everything you need to know to add features not covered here simply by dropping in building block-like plugins almost as easily as Lego most of which are free

Let me repeat: Not only do you learn how to create a website with astonishing speed, you will also be given the knowledge you need to make changes later. You’ll do this all with nothing more than a web browser, and you’ll pay nothing for the software used to build and maintain your site!

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Think of the freedom.

Would you like to throw together a website for your church, your service group, or a business idea you’ve been thinking about–and blast it out in mere minutes? Maybe you already have a few domain names ready but bought a book on HTML and fled in horror. Or maybe you had a website done, but then found out that having simple changes made would cost too much. So then you decided not to update your site when it would have been really nice to add a little news item.  It just got to be too much. You’ll never again have to worry about “bugging your webmaster” again because you will be your own webmaster, with zero specialized skills required. And maintaining these sites is so simple you can teach anyone to do it. My 11-year-old daughter learned all the basics of updating her site in well under an hour.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

In fact, you will have the freedom to do exactly the opposite. Did you know that if your website points an eBay user’s way to an auction and that user buys, you can get a cut? Same with Amazon. You can get 15% of anything a user buys on Amazon just by linking theme to it, as long as you’re the first to get them there. These are called affiliate programs. Which means that if you’re a model train enthusiast or vintage hockey memorabilia nut or fan of antique watches and include a link to an auction that a user buys from, you’ve just pocketed some decent change. This is called an affiliate program, and there are over 99,000 of them on the Web already. Why not turn your hobby or expertise into money by blasting out dozens of minisites in just a few hours each?

Doesn’t cost a lot to host websites?

At this point you’re probably wondering about something else. Aren’t websites expensive to host?  Absolutely not. On the Web in an Hour screened hundreds of hosting sites and came up with an incredible hosting deal from one of the biggest webhosts in the world. You’ll learn

  • How to host unlimited (that really means about 30-50 active sites) websites for $10/month. Not each. $10, period. For all of them!
  • Where to get domain names for $10 a pop
  • How to create sites so that the web hosting company doesn’t end up owning them! (It’s a common pitfall)

This means that for $10/month, plus $10 per website name, you’ll be able build websites to your heart’s content. At long last, your business ideas will never again be limited by the ability to create websites for them.

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What if Your Site Goes Down..When You Least Expect It? I’ve been under some serious deadlines recently. Getting On the Web in an Hour out the door is one of them. My wife is not happy that I took so long bringing the project together. Remember, I do have a day job. It’s going gangbusters, but I still have plenty to do. And one day, I tried a new plugin that wrecked one of my sites. For whatever reason, the plugin completely screwed up the home page. Shouldn’t happen. They aren’t related. But even after reinstalling the plugin, deactivating it when that didn’t work, deleting the plugin altogether, then finally sacrificing a goat while offering my firstborn son to dark forces, my site was still damaged.

When my site broke I hadn’t backed it up.
But that didn’t matter a bit!

You know what? I didn’t care that when site got trashed. Because I used On the Web in an Hour to build it, and I had a  backup of the site in my Inbox. I just deleted the whole site (takes only a few econds), reinstalled it over the course of a few minutes, and used the backup that got mailed to me that morning. A backup I didn’t make, because a robot did it for me the night before.

Lots of plugins can be used to back up your site.
But you have to be a database administrator to restore it.
How pathetic is that?

The reason I didn’t back up my site is that I used On the Web in an Hour’s techniques to get a plugin that backs up the site every day (doesn’t have to be every day; you can change the interval to every week or month), compresses it to  a fraction of its normal size, and emails it to a free email account. That’s pretty cool. Now the backup is in the form of a MySQL database, but I don’t have to be a database administrator to restore it. Why not? Because I chose the right database backup plugin. I can restore right from the WordPress dashboard, as easily as changing the title of a blog post!

My $5,000 secret

Trying to come up with a site creation/maintenance tool led me to some very unlikely places. Then disaster struck. I own a very successful website that I never had to market until the Crash of 2008. Suddenly, business dipped for the first time in its 8-year history and I had to do the unthinkable: go out and find customers, just like everyone else. The difference is, I had some resources to throw at the matter. So I signed up for the best internet marketing course I could find. By “best”, I mean it cost $5,000. And it was worth every cent. I learned a ton of awesome marketing techniques, and that wasn’t even why I was so happy. Because what I learned is that successful marketers never build their websites from scratch anymore. They use blogging software.

Remember how I told you I was looking for a way to create great websites fast? I didn’t learn it from another programmer, or a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, and I sure didn’t learn it from a webmaster (and no wonder). While trying to learn how to market my business, the sitebuilding solution my wife, my friends and I had all been looking for was staring my right in the face, all courtesy of an astronomically expensive class. That class showed how to use blogs to build their sales sites, so I learned the ropes. Then I rolled up my sleeves, went to work and cut out everything the average person doesn’t need to know. By the time I was done, I realized I had come up with a process that could let me build literally half a dozen sites (or more) per day! Even more exciting, you can do all these things using nothing more than a web browser!

In fact, this very site was created using the exact techniques you’ll learn in On the Web in an Hour. I got the whole site done in one day.

Wait a minute. Use blogging software to create a production website like this one? Huh?

So the $5,000 secret is that savvy internet marketers now create their websites using WordPress, the most popular blogging software almost exclusively. Why?

  • WordPress blogs are catnip to search engines like Google.  With just a few simple secrets (revealed in guaranteed foolproof , shortcut-by-shortcut, fully illustrated instructions in On the Web in an Hour), you can do some serious search engine optimization. Search engines just love WordPress.
  • With the right installation software (revealed in On the Web in an Hour) you can install a full site in literally just a few seconds, then uninstall it if need be.
  • WordPress makes it easy for you to create articles and web pages. More important, it makes editing them just as easy.  How many times have you asked someone why they haven’t updated their web page, and they just give a resigned shrug, explaining that they can’t find their webmaster? You’ll never have that worry again.
  • WordPress can be “skinned” with new themes. Themes let you change the appearance of a site dramatically with the click of a button. Here’s the amazing thing: Thousands of gorgeous themes are available free right now! Some of the best web designers in the world make their themes available at no cost, even for commercial use.
  • WordPress has a Lego-like plugin solution for just about anything you need. Thousands of plugins are free. On the Web in an Hour shows you how to install plugins and shows you exactly how to make the best use of them.

Most plugins have terrible directions. (They’re free, after all, and programmers hate writing documentation.) On the Web in an Hour gives far more understanable, fully illustrated shortcut-by-shortcut instructions on how to get the most critical business functions handled by plugins: A public calendar, backing up your site automatically, restoring it, and preventing comment spam.

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Dude flubs Marketing 101. Hello, McFly?

Here’s a rule no marketer ever breaks on sales pages like this: Don’t link away from the page. Keep people on the page reading your deathless marketing drivel. Links distract people and take away from sales. Well, screw that.Want to learn some of this for free? You don’t have to buy On the Web in an Hour. Feel free to visit the WordPress site to learn how to do these things. Don’t worry. I’ll wait. Because I know you’ll be back. That’s how confident I am that On the Web in an Hour is worth its risk-free price. See? I knew you’d be back! The WordPress documentation is, shall we say, extensive. It’s not too well organized. Because it’s pretty extensive I slog through it more often than I’d like, then distill it down to the 20% you need. With pictures. Lots of pictures.

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Afraid it’s Too Good to be True?

Money Back Guarantee

It’s Not, But We Forgive You.
Here’s our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We understand that after so much frustration getting your site on the web, you might simply feel the promises we made are too extravagant. We stand behind On the Web in an Hour completely. We think you’ll feel like On the Web in an Hour is worth far more than what we’re charging, because it takes a nearly foolproof approach that meant every one of our test users built a website with no help, all in far less than a day.  If you haven’t, we’ll buy On the Web in an Hour right back. We’re that sure you’ll create a great website unbelievably fast. Try it now. We’ll take all the risk!

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